Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 2 in Beijing, China

21st February 2011 Monday

TCG - Pick up at your hotel 8:00am
Ming Tombs and Sacred Way (history of China & cultural event)
Lunch on your way back to the city
Return to your hotel at noon.

Visit to Tsinghua High International School
(We have been invited to see both the International as 
well as the local high school) (2 schools in one!). 
The major difference between the schools is the size. 
At the International school there were 10-20 students 
in a room with two adults a teacher and a helper.
At the local school there was 1 teacher and sometimes 
as many as 50 students. 
Next was the type of teaching. At the local school they 
just teach for the test and at the International School
they teach for learning. 
The International School was newer and more inviting. 
But the students in both school were friendly and helpful. 

TCG - Pick up at your hotel around 6:30pm
Transfer to the Red Theater watch Kungfu Show yellow zone tickets x 19. (Traditional activity this show tells the story of how Kungfu became part of the Chinese Culture and is not just a fighting tool)
Return to your hotel
TCG - UNI Group (2 instructors & 8 students) -

Today we got up and did some housekeeping, still very jet lagged. Had breakfast down on the 2nd floor of the hotel. Lots of good things to eat.  I ate all Chinese. Yummy!  Some of the girls had eggs plus some Chinese.
At 8apm we meet up with Vincent for the bus ride to the Sacred Way. It was interesting, but I had a lot of trouble with my back and asthma. The air was very bad today.  I did not go on the Walk to the Ming Tomb. But stayed with the bus driver. We went and got air in the tires and then drove to a spot to stop and he read his Chinese book. Then we tried talking and I learned the word for dog and there was one close by that was barking. After we got a call from Vincent we went and picked up the rest of the group and went to a great “standard Chinese lunch”, I think we had 7 or 8 different plates of food. Interestingly no rice, but some great noodles. Reminded me of our meal in Thailand with our Chinese friends.
We had a great at the Kung Fu show but still very jet lagged.

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