Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Week 3

The two projects that you will be completing this semester for
240:245 - Applied Instructional Design Section 60 Spring 2011 are:

Project #1
Client: Leigh Zeitz for Flat Classroom Conference Presentation
Need: A clear fanciful story for describing the instructional design process
Content: it will follow and depict the ADDIE process
Use: Describe in everyday life the way someone would analyze, design, develop, implement & evaluate to solve a problem
Shared: In front of an audience at the Flat Classroom Conference
Deliverable: Presentation
Final Report:

A.     Group Presentation            
1.     Introduction – Dr. Zeitz
2.     Tell the Story -
3.     Professional Presentation at the FCC
a.     Describe the 5 Steps (1 each for ADDIE instructional design process)
b.     Presenters:  (1-2 graduate students for each step)
                                               i.     Analyze -
                                              ii.     Design -
                                            iii.     Develop -
                                            iv.     Implement -
                                              v.     Evaluate -
4.     Conclusive wrap-up:
a.     Presenter: Zeitz
                                               i.     Give everyone a crown or a rubber duckie with a crown.

B. Expectations of Individual Students
1.     All Students contribute to conception & creation of FCC Presentation (Story & ADDIE Steps)
a.     Weekly write up including:
                                               i.         Accomplishments (read, watched, listened and did)
                                              ii.         Identification of your challenges
                                            iii.         How you solved your challenges                                   
2.     Implementation
a.     All students will present to the conference
3.     Final Report on Presentation
a.     Narrative on each of the five steps and how it was implemented, your role and reflection on how the presentation went.
                                               i.         Write it in google docs or in word and email it to me (klinkzeitz@gmail.com).

Project #2
Instructional Design Facilitators*

Starts first day of Conference. You are going to facilitate* the design process for your client.  Your Client will be your individual cohort; you will need to identify them in some way. You will help identify the needs, content, use, and deliverable of the cohort’s FC project. 

Identify information
Final Report:

*A facilitator helps a group work together to reach the best possible conclusions or decisions.

A. Facilitate your cohort.

B. Expectations of Individual Students
1.     All students will reflect on a daily basis the processes they are going through & a write up of their cohort meetings make sure to include the following:
                                               i.         Accomplishments
                                              ii.         Identification of challenges
                                            iii.         How challenges were solved                                   
2.     Final Report on Presentation
a.     Full reflection on the whole process including but not limited to:
                                               i.         Accomplishments
                                              ii.         Identification of challenges
                                            iii.         How challenges were solved
                                            iv.         Goals met
                                              v.         Goals to be finished
b.     Include the following information:
                                               i.         Client:
                                              ii.         Need:
                                            iii.         Content:
                                            iv.         Use:
                                              v.         Deliverable:
Write it in google docs or in word and email it to me (klinkzeitz@gmail.com).

Monday, January 17, 2011

Week 2 & More to do!

We have been in contact with Julie Lindsay and hopefully she will join us this Tuesday evening for a few minutes.
Here are some things Julie has given us to look at:
Conference Tours - She is also getting a list of bus drivers if we want to plan our own tours.
Here is another site to look at: 
and now we need to fill this one in with information about you!  Yes, International fame and glory. You need to write something about what you are aiming to do at the Flat Classroom Conference. I will start a new page, Flat Classroom, on our wiki for people to start putting down ideas. (Julie wants to know if you want a picture here of the "Beijing Babes"?)
February 3, 2011 is the first day of the Chinese new year - Year of the Rabbit.
Read the book or watch the video your choice.
The World is Flat by Thomas L. Friedman

Monday, January 10, 2011

Let's Get Started!

Welcome to 240:245 - Applied Instructional Design Section 60 Spring 2011. For the first two weeks of class we will be working on the following:
1.     Since many of you are new to me please email me at klinkzei@uni.edu the following information:
a.      What do you teach?
b.     How long have you taught?
c.      Have you traveled outside of the United States? If so where?
d.      Besides the Flat Classroom Project Conference what do you want to do in Beijing? ie. Shop, people watch, museums, cultural events.
e.      Anything else about yourself that will help me to get to know you better.
2.     Watch the video in the tab above – Top 10 Beijing Attractions: pick one of the attractions (tell us which one in the comments area below) and find out more about it. Websites, pictures, where it is located, hours of operation and anything else you might feel that we will like to know about it. Then go to our wiki and fill in the chart.
3.     Read chapter 9 that I have sent you, more instructions to follow! We will have a page on the wiki to help us work with this chapter.
4.     One project we will be working on from now until Feb. 15th is to add to this site, information about Beijing, China. Please select on of the following roles that you will research (tell me which one in the comments area below): Historian, Shopper, Clothes Shopper, Sightseer, Cultural Sponge, Restaurant Critic, Nightlife Expert, or Phrase Finder.  (Roles explained below) Make a list of these places along with any information you may find about where the place is located, the hours it is open, and the costs associated with the attraction/event/place. Did you consider a "plan B" in case of rain or snow? Find each place on a map of Beijing so you can consider the walking/driving distance from point-to-point. Make a blog for your role and send me the URL so we can link them to this site.

·       Historian
You are intrigued by the long and varied history of Beijing. You want to visit (research) all of the museums and landmarks that document the many events of Beijing and China’s history.

·       Shopper
Your motto is "Shop 'til you drop and then do the rest through email". You are especially excited about the exchange rate between the Chinese and the U.S. Dollar. This means that your money will purchase a great deal of Chinese goods. You want to see (research) the places where you can get the most for the least.

·       Clothes Shopper
You’ve heard that the place to buy and/or have clothes made is China. Is there a place nearby to get a suit made? Can Americans buy “off the rack” in Beijing? What about fabrics?

·       Sightseer  
While history is interesting, you really want to see (research) the places that are
the most photogenic.

·       Cultural Sponge
Pretty sites are nice, but you want to get the "feel" of the city. What is it that people are thinking? What is important to the people of Beijing? What sorts of cultural activities are important to the Chinese? You want to go to the opera, dance in a disco and traditional folk festival. Research all the cultural opportunities.

·       Restaurant Critic 
What do People in Beijing like to eat? Do you want to sit in cafes and
talk with people? Do you know the Chinese word for chopsticks? What hours
are meal times in China?

·       Nightlife Expert
What is there to do in Beijing after the sun goes down? Movies, Discos, plays??

·       Phrase Finder
What are common Chinese phrases that we need to know? ie. Thank you, please, where is the restroom?